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LouInABox @LouInABox@queer.cloud

Does anybody know if there's good resources (from zines, longreads, to scientific papers) conceptualizing system administration from a marxist-feminist point of view? I have had a gut feeling for years that the production/reproduction distinction w/ everything that comes along with that (invisible labor, entitled attitudes by those in "production", ...) could be a suitable framework for analyzing the (social) problems we face in our workplaces, but don't have the resources to develop a theory on that on my own...

boosts appreciated :)

@LouInABox check this out:


I think @decentral1se sent me a good online zine once also but I can't remember the name 💓

@LouInABox @decentral1se but yeh that is a whole workers enquiry on the tech industry

@kawaiipunk @LouInABox I think I sent your Processed World?! Can't really remember and it's kinda not relevant but fuck it, this thing is gold: libcom.org/history/introducing.

@LouInABox i think there's some work by feminist autonomist marxists on this issue! also, as much as i hate saying this, i think gilles deleuze may have written some stuff on this...

@dirtycommo @kawaiipunk Thank you for your suggestions. I don't think I'm smart enough to give Deleuze a try, but I'll take a look at the other keywords and at notesfrombelow. :)

@LouInABox Biella Coleman's work perhaps? Her book on Debian and her essay with Finn Brunton come to mind as relevant to your thinking here.

@LouInABox And she's on Mastodon! So she might have something to say on the matter directly. :) @Biella

@josh thank you, that sounds really interesting. I didn't know about @Biella before, but I'll definitely take a look into her works.

@LouInABox She's really awesome. This paper by Nathan Ensmerger might also interest you, as it discusses some of the invisible hierarchies in software development and maintenance in ways that seem consonant with your concerns (if I'm reading them correctly, anyhow). themaintainers.org/s/ensmenger