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Gardening help needed! Every fruit on the apple tree falls off the tree, one at a time, each apple has a hole in it. Looking this up, I *think* it's codling moth, but I'd be grateful for opinions, plus suggestions for organic control of the pest
#fruit #apples #gardening #plants

There are people still defending Linus after _he_ said _his_ actions were abusive.


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This is agriculture I love to see! Using trees for better food production--

solarpunks: “ For most crops, irrigation simply provides water for the plant’s roots. But in a Balinese rice terrace, water is used to construct a complex, pulsed artificial ecosystem. Water temples...


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anyone has experience with cleaning (D)SLR lenses for fungus ?
(done by you and not a paid service !)
what chemicals do you use ? specific grease after cleaning ? clothing type ? etc.

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fired: computer science research
hired: dynamic programming

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A note for corporate infosec folks: if you take away someone's ability to do something they're just going to find other ways of doing the thing they want to do, and trust me those ways are going to be way worse

Omg apple released a phone literally called the excess

The thinking emoji, or "I really want to tag my dog whistle"

Ugh, I'm so sleepy today.

I've been stressed all week, and today I'm still barely a human

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can you rent dogs for holidays

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i love my iterm setup.

it has nice colours. it has nice fonts. it has the right amount of transparency (sorry i know GPU processing is nice but so is this)

it's not fucking blue

worst part about developing on windows;

my terminal looks so fucking ugly

Also it's really nice to catch up on all the things I've _felt like I should know_ for SO LONG.

Like I'd heard of Flask, but didn't know how to load models through it.

I've looked at Sagemaker so I knew about using docker, but I'd never written a docker-compose

And obvs run a mastodon instance so I knew about Redis, but I've never used it before!

Things this project has taught me so far;

RC4 (Through Redis' Redlock)

I think even if I don't finish this it'll still be fantastic just as a learning game.