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my dad used to make these really long videos of recycling that my step sister had left on the bench. like he would draw sad faces on the milk carton and put on a voice and do a monologue like "becky hasn't put me in the recycling bin... what if i never make it there"

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For your viewing pleasure, capibaras hiding from the rain. :blobcatheart:

As a data scientist, dealing with traditional business statisticians really confuses me.

"We only need 150 data points to form a stable equation"

150?! Stable?! What are these concepts and words?

Uber, after the recent announcements, has more external debt than Zimbabwe.

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Does anyone ever accidentally practice a facial expression in public?

Like you're thinking about a conversation you're going to have later and you actually go through with how you'd say something?

How I am with recipes; "I get the gist, fuck your rules, recipe writer"

How I am with ready-meals; "Cook for exactly 3 minutes, and stir four times counter-clockwise, before returning to the oven for 2 minutes"

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V distressed today. Learned that some people’s euphemism for sex is ‘dickening’

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"What's wrong with you?"

"Well I can't own a dog in London, so, lots."

Everyone should be allowed to call up work once a month and just be like

"no. not today. today is nap day"

So this is my not-as-normal selfie to go alongside it.

Was planning on wearing it to a fetish party in a few weeks, wanted some feedback :)

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i thought they were a good person, but... but they were a twitter crossposter

I'm actually gonna stop directions on this now


"No, it's more of a literal password"

Hackers, meet

Security through objectivity

"No, no, think of it from a different direction"

Hackers meet:

Security through aspectivity