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Eden @eden@queer.cloud

"Is that prosecco?"

"It's cava I'm not gay you dick"

I love being up north. Men are just weird up here.

Wonder if humans would've given a fuck about transport if it weren't for horses.

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Company response to GDPR

"Could we hash.. Everything?"

fucking grapefruit, or "how I know you're privileged from your fruit bowl"

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"Nice dress, Mommy!"
"Thank you. This is a skirt."
"Skirt. Skuh. Skuh. Skirt."
"Nope. You can just say dress until you learn to say skirt."

i really like cars.

not 'cos of male culture. just think my partner looks cute covered in oil after physical work :')

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could be rewritten as

"Ad companies politely ask Google to change the tracking snippet to be self-hosted"

my first code introduction was writing vignere ciphers in python when I was 15.

so I feel a tiny bit bitter about this

I miss when crypto meant cool algorithms to hide stuff and not obvious ponzi scheme

And like he's totally right, GDPR is *great* but doesn't go far enough at all.

We're probably safe just showing that we tried if anyone complains. Like the main issue is respecting any type of 'I want to be removed from this list'.

buuuuuut it's fucking with one of my projects this year, and I could not be happier.

if you don't give companies a huge financial penalty, they won't do shit.

well, since last year when I found out about it.

the technical parts of it seem so *wooly* that we're just covering all bases.

one of our clients was annoyed about the hashing part enough to just email us "this is one of your coworker's emails in SHA, who's is it?" because he thinks it's pointless we have to hash when we could construct rainbow tables.

lol our company is having a panic over GDPR

this is what I've been waiting literally all year for, it's great

Legit a touch sad that the most complex questions at work are just to do with environments in R.

Don't do parallel in R. The dispatch is so slow it's pointless.

>py3 seems really different to py2
> huh, require "nn" seems more useful
>wonder why the if statement is formatted like that
>i've never ever seen ':' used like that

>...this is lua

'why do you need six monitors eden?'


literally asleep on my desk, hidden by a nest of monitors

Does anyone I know on Masto play / ? :) I just started after going to the london eve meet, so I'd be down for new people to play with.