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Eden @eden@queer.cloud

Points for accuracy.

but take it from me.

if you want to point out when I'm depressed/manic, we are going to fall out *quick*

Housemate: "Eden are you oka- Oh wait you're just manic"

aight, cheers mate.

okay so I had bare legs today at work, and I liked how I looked!!

I know this is minor but I have a lot of self-esteem issues when it comes to my legs, so this is big to me :)

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Live like you're writing the "trivia" section on your Wikipedia page

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but instead, I can't.

so I'm playing street fighter instead, while upgrades process in the background.

fuck off, eve.

because I got in tonight thinking that as I've
* joined a corp
* gone to null sec
* found a ship I don't dislike the idea of flying

I could y'know

play the game.

can we just remove skills from eve entirely pls

later players obviously have all of them, so it's just there to fuck over new players

and people play a SINGLE character for years, so don't even play on that.

but there is no part of
"I'd like to play this ship"

that is not made better by
'oh, good. wait 30 minutes first though'

eden: dislikes people
drunk eden: far too affectionate

is there a possibility of just, permanently tipsy eden

For anyone travelling soon, I've had extra stops twice now for powder foundation.

Just leave it outside your bag on the scan and life is 300x easier

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@eden I think the main problem with EVE is that there's /too much/ emphasis on guild/corporation play, to the point where like, if you feel like doing something on your own? It's just flatline kinda dull

And I've got support.

I've got a partner who's played for a decade. I've got friends who've played for years.

I've read Wiki page upon wiki page.

I've talked to CCP employees in person about like, "first days" in Eve.

Maybe this is just not my jam?

I've joined a corporation.

I've done some of the quests.

I'm in nullsec.

And like, I just feel weird. It's not like when I was playing quake or GW and I just ended up in a guild because I really liked the game and was doing well in solo and kinda wanted company to share ideas with.

I joined because they offered to teach me how to play, and I was finding it impossible.

And I'm kinda forcing myself to get more into it.

I've been to two fanfests now. I like the ideas. I like the metagame.

But the game itself? There is a brick wall and it's been hours. I don't want to watch another two hour introduction video to vaguely learn how to exist in a fleet.

I'd like to go kill things now, please.

Playing Eve consistently leaves me feeling like even when I am having fun, I'm doing it wrong.

Like I'm enjoying drawing fingerpatterns in the sand and there's a huge sandcastle competition behind me

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today I hoovered

today my cat is rolling around exactly where I hoovered


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hey y'all, had a good suggestion from @trwnh


how would you gender the photo I'm replying to? :)

but also this makes me wish mastodon had polls.

I'd really like to know how people gender that photo of me, like am I about as masc-femme as I think I am, but asking people to 'own up' to those thoughts by tooting them at me seems like bad UX.

that said, if you want to let me know how you see me, please do it! :)