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Eden @eden@queer.cloud

ew, started having panic attacks again.

Really feel very twitchy/restless/panicky and there's no cause.

Dunno what to do.

It's becoming obvious Elon's sub wasn't a PR stunt.

No PR team would let it get this far.

It's 20C, and 2am.

It is so difficult to sleep in this :(

Oh no. The light is up.

And I didn't sleep at all. :/

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@eden This is a neat idea! Instead of doing for loops, you could just force everything to be implemented with recursion, then have a symbol or mark to denote the recursive call. Each function could be drawn as a little circle and then you could devise some way for one function circle to reference another. You could model it after Lisp.

Also yes I'm posting a lot, and I haven't posted a lot for a while.

Moving house and big emotions took over. I've missed a lot of you though, so I'll be talking more often. Those are all my big updates for now :)

Oh unrelated to everything. I'm doing a talk in London in October.

It's about data science in ecommerce. It's my first real conference talk, and it's more commercial than academic, but I'm kinda excited/nervous!

If anyone in that geo and industry is around, I can tell people details, but I'm trying to vaguely disconnect my work from the lewdity on here :)

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I'm sure compiled languages through art has been done to death.

But I'd love to setup a little ritual circle as an event, and then point a pi at it, show it being parsed and interpreted and then running a program!

Was watching a film.

In it, Aliens write in a sprawly lovely circle, all at once.

Made me wonder if you could setup a rasp pi and draw shapes to form a programming language. I've also been reading about writing and parsing languages, hence why I'm thinking like this.

What would a for loop look like?
Or if you could code with spray paint?

(can tag drugs and repost if anyone needs, but thought it was more mh focused :))

Nicest thing about mdma is afterwards, my head is so quiet.

Usually it's hectic, just burning with thoughts and worries.

Right now, nothing. I can hear my partner snoring. My brain heard it, and that's it.
I can hear crows. Heard, enjoyed.
I feel achy. Acknowledged, let go.

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*checks out the women's room scene at this club*

Oh hell yeah.

*opens door, sees the only graffiti in the restroom*


(Needs transcription, but I'm on mobile rn)

Had this weird panicky dream about moving to a new county, and what I'd do for money and I couldn't find my house and stuff.

I moved last week. I'm still in London. I'm in my house rn. Brains are odd

If anyone's feeling kind, this is all I wrote (pastebin.com/bkR5GUqw) and checking I haven't made a mistake would be wonderful!

I wrote my first bit of C today!

I've been reading a guide on creating languages, and it was like

"as a reminder of doing C, please create a doubly-linked list and make an insertion function for it"

And I have got to the point where I have a singly linked list, and I still damn happy

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if we can just shorten the distance from radical compassionate fantasy and radical compassionate act

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ScarJo stepped.. down?

Honestly I want to say they're learning, but earlier I thought my friend was getting better at Street Fighter when in reality he was just getting luckier at the random buttons he was hitting.

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@eden And stop using "sex scandal" as a euphemism for "rape allegations." The Bill Cosby press seemed to be especially bad about this.