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So this is my not-as-normal selfie to go alongside it.

Was planning on wearing it to a fetish party in a few weeks, wanted some feedback :)

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Awh, or I could've used this monkey one. They're cute. I dont' know what type of monkey they are though. :(

I promise some of my photos use other colour palettes, like this meerkat couple having a tiff

Or this one, which used to be my all time fave photo I've taken

Trying to find a photo to put on a phone case, thinking of either LT or

Forgot how much I loved this photo from last year.

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Thank the lord they made this appropriate for children.

this new xcom mode is really hard

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Look, my chilli children are growing!

There's a transphobe on The Thick of It group, and while they're all fairly rough and non-lgbt friendly at the best of times, watching them take a transphobe to task gives me life.

So I follow some gun groups on FB, because they cross my interests in knives occasionally.

They're also staunchly conservative, which means I get a weird insight into what they like.

So far it's;
Not Socialism

I kinda want to reply and explain that it's more like
"Everyone else who did that has been deliberately hurt by the US"
"Maybe the US won't intentionally destroy it this time?"

But it's not really worth it.

hang the actual fuck on,

Passports (Well, holiday travel dodcuments), in the UK, up until 1994, DIDN'T HAVE GENDER ON THEM.

mozilla this is not inspiring confidence

Spinach on the left, chillies on the right! :)

Things are slowly growing really nice. I've got some hyacinths arriving this week too!

So sometimes I have bad days and really don't like how I look.

Sometimes I have good days. This was a whole back and still makes me happy that I sometimes like how I look.
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