What is queer.cloud?

Queer Cloud is a smol Mastodon instance for non-privileged voices.

We have a relatively simple, but strict non-harassment policy. We don't subscribe to a maximalist interpretation of free speech.

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Rules of Queer Cloud

  • Participate authentically. In doing so, you contribute to the health and longevity of this community.
  • Exercise consideration and respect in your speech and actions.
  • Refrain from demeaning, discriminatory, or harassing behavior and speech.
  • Please avoid making assumptions about someone's identity. If you aren’t aware of what someone’s gender is, check their profile, or use gender non-specific terms.

Bots, Analytics, and Your Privacy

Automated non-spammy bots are fine, but keep them off public timelines

We use Google Analytics across the site to monitor usage, breaks in the site, and user activity. There is no PII (Personally Identifiable Information) being collected, and we do not use userID or any other form of device tracking (Canvas Fingerprint/Flash Information Dumping).

While our Analytics aren't public, any requests for specific information will (probably) be listened to. All the data is anonymous anyway. Future plans for analytics are to monitor traffic changes in an interface the admin is comfortable with.